Licon Dairy has been providing high-quality products since we opened our doors in the 1950s. Every day, we strive to provide you with friendly service and the best cheese products and family fun in San Elizario, Texas.



Locally made with the freshest ingredients in El Paso! Soft and Creamy, great for all of your culinary appetites.

Chile con Queso


Made with the freshest chile, cheese, and seasonings, our chile con queso is the freshest you’ll get at any other store!

Queso Asadero


The traditional Queso Asadero we all know and love, but local! Reminiscent of Chihuahua’s delcious Asadero cheese.

Suero (Whey)


Want to learn how to make your own cheese from home? Try some of our suero and experience what we enjoy every day!

Popular Recipes

One of our favorite things we ate growing up was rajas con queso. It’s been part of multiple families for generations! That’s why we would love to share this recipe with you guys! We promise it’ll have you feeling warm and happy!

One of our favorite recipes that we love to make with our local products is our frijoles charros con queso! It’s amazing as a side dish or at it’s own. We just worn you that if you make it once, you might want to make it every day!


One of the products we offer is our chile con queso! Full of flavor and acclaim, people cannot get enough of our queso and continuously asks for our recipe! That’s why we provided you just that!

Birthday Parties/ Events


Birthday Parties ———————————- $4.95

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School Events ————————————-$4.95

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Family Events ————————————–$4.95

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Licon Events

Testing the Milk

Testing the Milk

Licon Dairy, 11951 Glorietta Rd
San Elizario, Texas 79849 United States
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This is a test event. You don't actually have to taste test the milk.

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24 September 2021

Our Restaurant and Petting Zoo

One of the greatest aspects about our dairy farm, that others don’t have, is what we offer to the community. We don’t just offer milk or cheese. We also offer a petting zoo and a restaurant that we’re passionate about!

 Specializing in entertainment and fun for the entire family, the Licon Dairy Farm has an amazing restaurant called the Outlaw Saloon right on the property. We make a variety of food from tacos, to steaks, to chicken strips. Our place is great in trying to satisfy your hunger in ways that other restaurants can’t do! The best part? All of our ingredients are local and any of the quesos that we put in our food, is 100% our own! Learn More About Our Restaurant with the link right here!

What we also love to outline about our corporation is that, as we mentioned above, we also have a petting soon! This gives you the chance to spend time with your kids as you get to explore and pet all the animals we have in our petting zoos. It’s an exciting experience for the kids, and its a good distraction for the parents. Our petting zoo is donation-based, so if you want to come by to help donate, we would greatly appreciate it!