Queso Asadero (Varies)

$4.75 per pound

The traditional Queso Asadero we all know and love, but local! Reminiscent of Chihuahua’s delcious Asadero cheese.

Azaderos (Slices) 10oz


One of the classics in our dairy farm. Our customers can’t get enough of our Azaderos cheese!

Queso Jalapeño 16oz


The perfect addition to your recipes. Queso Jalapeño is for all of our local chile lovers.

Queso Habanero 8oz


A fiery infusion to our traditional Queso, for the professional chile eaters.

Suero (Whey) 32oz


Want to learn how to make your own cheese from home? Try some of our suero and experience what we enjoy every day!

Chile con Queso 16oz- 32oz

$3.75- $7.50

Made with the freshest chile, cheese, and seasonings. Our chile con queso is the most savory in El Paso!

Requeson (Cream Cheese) 10oz


Locally made with the freshest ingredients in El Paso! Soft and Creamy, great for all of your culinary appetites.