What Licon Is About: Our Dairy-Filled Legacy

At Licon Dairy, we have been in the dairy farm industry for over 65 years and specialize in the production and quality of milk including cheese, and other dairy-based products. First started off in the 1950s, our company was a small one that made it our mission to drop off cheese from door to door.

Our local business has been passed down from generation to generation, and today we’re one of the biggest milk farms in San Elizario. However, we couldn’t have done it with our community, and for that, we thank you for you guys passion into our company and we’ll continue to improve and grow for you guys!

One of the greatest chances that we have is being able to give back to our community outside of our milk products. Instead of just coming into our shop and purchasing our dairy products, we also offer entertainment. Sitting on top of a large farm, Licon offers our guests the opportunity to pet and enjoy the company of exotic & farm animals. Regardless of whether you’re with your partner or bringing your kids to our farm, any person can enjoy the excitement in our petting zoo.

What’s more exciting is that we offer a beautiful view of our duck pond! You get to scavenger around with the ducks as you look at the rest of the sites of our beautiful property and enjoy an amazing meal at our critically-acclaimed restaurant! If you like our environment after visiting us, you could always book your next family, school, or party event with us!


Now that you know a little about ourselves and the company we raised, let’s get to know more about our products and what we offer. One of the best reassurances with our products is that you can guarantee that our products are fresh. We have all our products be in-house made so that you could experience the flavors and freshness of our cows milk.

One thing we want to mention though is that we don’t just offer milk, we also offer all types of cheeses. From our cream cheeses, to our queso asadero, and queso jalapeno, we offer a variety that will have your taste buds salivating. Our personal favorite dairy food is the queso habanero as it spices up and makes any food that much better!

However, sometimes our customers want to be their own dairy farmer and make their own soft cheeses like cottage cheese or swiss cheese, so we offer our suero (whey) as its own product. Low in fat content and high in fatty acids, our suero is the perfect ingredient for all your white cheeses.

Our final product we would like to mention as well is our chile con queso. Full of fresh chile and queso, it’s the perfect addition to any cookout, snack out, or even a sauce on other foods. It’ll have you asking for another container in no time!

Finally, one thing our customers should know about us is our goals. It’s what powers us to continue to advance in our industry and to continue to make our products better. Our goal isn’t to just simply to produce milk, cheese, or to convince lactose intolerant people to differ from their eating habits.

It’s part of it, but not the entire thing! Our main goal is to provide amazing memories for our customers’ families! We want to continue to give experiences for our families so that they can start and continue traditions that we could be part of! Just like how our family has passed this company from generation to generation, we want to pass those memories to you guys and your kids. Whether it be from our petting zone or from the flavors from our decade old recipes, we want to keep traditions going for years to come.